SwampHacks is a 36 hour open coding event where students become creators. In the time allotted, students from around the country come together at the University of Florida to collaborate on projects, mingle in activities, and network with sponsors for a fully immersive experience.

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Grand Prize

Awarded to the first place team determined by our judges. Prize TBD.

2nd Place

Awarded to the second place team determined by our judges. Prize TBD.

3rd Place

Awarded to the third place team determined by our judges. Prize TBD.

Organizers Choice

The organizer's favorite project will be awarded with a token to remember SwampHacks V.

Domain.com - Best Domain Registered with Domain.com

Register a domain using Domain.com during the weekend. Each team may submit one entry per person on the team. Each winning team member will receive a Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essential Kit.

Google Cloud Platform - Best use of Google Cloud Platform

Use Google Cloud Platform in your hack. Find a full list of GCP products & services at
https://cloud.google.com/products. Each winning team member will receive a Google Home Mini, max 4 per team.

SnapChat - Snap Kit Weekly Challenge

Use Snap Kit in your hack. One winning team will be selected from all MLH Member Events each weekend and top entries will be reviewed by Snap engineers. Each winning team member will receive Casio Calculator watches by Snapchat.

RealTruck - Favorite Overall

Awarded to the hackers RealTruck deems their favorite. The prizes are drones.

American Express - Best Environment Workplace

Awarded to the hackers with the most creative hacking environments. Be creative! Prize AMEX gift cards.

Citi - Money Movement Challenge

Create a solution that helps people move money more easily or efficiently. This can be a purely digital solution (involving technologies like blockchain) or involve hardware (with something like NFC). You are not required to use a Citi API, but you are welcome to use the Money Movement API on our Developer Hub. P.S. Don’t just clone Venmo! We will be looking for creative solutions that address a customer pain point.

Citi - Best Use of Financial Technology

If your project touches banking, finance or just money in general, you’re eligible! Here, we’re looking to see which team incorporates fintech in a new way to enhance people’s lives. This can be just about anything — it’s broad, and it’s supposed to be J. You are welcome (but not required) to use Citi APIs via our Developer Hub. Teams using APIs from any other financial institution will be eligible as well.

Infinite Energy - Best Overall Hack

Awarded to the hackers that Infinite Energy deems the best overall. Winners will be rewarded with Arduino Kits.

J.P. Morgan - Best Hack for Humanity

Prizes: Bose Soundlink Wireless Headphones

Things to consider for your options:

Best Use of Data Against Hunger
· Background: Alachua County, home to the University of Florida, falls into the top 10% of counties nationally for food insecurity and high food cost. Additionally, up to 40% of the food in the United States is never eaten. We need your help to tackle hunger in Florida and across the country and make the food system more efficient and less wasteful.
· Challenge: Think about how open source data sets can be used to help combat hunger in Alachua County. How can you leverage data to incentivize citizens, universities, businesses, or government to reduce, redistribute, or repurpose food waste? You can use ANY technology platform or tech stack of your choice, but to win the prize you must use publically available data in some way. Be creative!

Best Hack for Financial Literacy
· Background: With two billion unbanked people around the world (8.4 million unbanked U.S. households, or about 14.1 million adults), there is an urgent need to expand financial literacy. Whether it’s understanding basic financial products such as loans, mortgages, and checking accounts or learning about more complex topics, such as derivatives, futures trading, and other investment strategies, there is a clear need for greater access to financial education.
· Challenge: We challenge you to create a web or mobile application that would either promote financial literacy for individuals (college students, unbanked adults, small businesses, large companies etc) or provide financial advisory/education on derivatives, futures trading, or how to invest to companies. In addition to providing gamified, guided learning, the application should present users with interactive scenarios.

InfoTech - On the Spot Prize

This prize is awarded to the hackers that InfoTech deems best on the spot. The prizes are Apple AirPods.

Home Depot - Reflects Most Entrepreneurial Spirit

Awarded to the team that builds something with the most entrepreneurial spirit. The prizes for teams are Apple AirPods.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Chandler Griffin

Chandler Griffin

Judging Criteria

  • Best Elected Projects
    Demos will be judged by a variety of professors and professionals across the Gainesville community using the Gavel system based on criteria like UX, project complexity, degree of completeness, and potential impact.

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